e We Look Good Together

know any legit spots where i can get the goyard wallet ? ( besides the store )

Not really. Barneys or Goyard itself carry it. I wouldn’t buy it from the internet anywhere such as ebay & whatnot. 

Have you ever seen anyone a celebrity or anyone famous at 1oak? If so who?

Leo Dicaprio. Saw him at Up & Down also earlier this summer. Saw Busta, Tyga, & a bunch of other rappers there too. Nothing interesting though they just sit at their tables & do nothing. I go there to dance & do cool shit. 

Ever been to Anton kern gallery?

Yes I have I believe. Can’t recall what’s currently there but I went there a couple weeks ago. 

American Apparel, Uniqlo, and Zara good brands ?

AA is chill, Uniqlo isn’t bad, but I think Zara is just absolute shit. 

How do you make all these friends in NYC?

no idea I just network & meet people.

who do you think would have won if ian and pita had actually fought? i feel like that faggot jo pita would have got his ass whooped lmao

This is such a fucking stupid question so I will not answer it. Fighting is pointless.